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Bird dishes:

Snipes, fried with potato

1 snipe, 20 gramms of fresh salted pork fat, 30 gramms of oil, 200 gramms of potato.

Prepare the trunks, twist the legs, rub the salt, add salted pork fat. Frying in oil in deep stewing pan. Warm deep stewing pan beforehand. A 10 minutes before finish of frying, place brazier in warm oven. After readyness remove the threads and remainder salted pork fat.
Serve with potato, fried on fat remainders. Also serve cowberry for garnish.
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Snipes, fried with sour cream

Snipe, 50 gramms of salted pork fat, 50 gramms of oil, 100 gramms of sour cream, salt, pepper.

Prepare the snipe trunk, salt it on the outside and on the inside, add bloated salted pork fat and frying in oil, pouring by generating juice. Sour cream pour before readiness.
Serve with fried potato.
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Fried willow grouse

1 willow grouse, 30 gramms of lard, 10 gramms of butter.

Prepare trunk of willow grouse and keep 2 minutes in the boiling water. Fat larding, salt and fry in brazier during 20 minutes with butter. Then put the lid on and fry in oven till readiness. Add some game bouillon.
Serve green salad and jam for trimming.
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Stewed in sour cream willow grouse

1 willow grouse, 50 gramms of dairy butter, 2 onions, 2 carrots, 2 table spoons of sour cream, 1/2 tea spoon of cumin, salt, pepper.

Prepared and washed trunk cut in halfs, rub the salt, add pepper. Fry on the pan in oil slightly. Place the pieces in bowl, and fry an onion and carrot in same oil till readiness. Place the pieces of willow grouse on vegetables, add some salt, add some cumin, pour a sour cream.
Braising under cover on slight fire during a hour. Serve with vegetables.
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Fried wild goose

For 1 goose: butter (fat) for frying, apples or cabbage for stuffing, salt.

Cleared and eviscerated goose's trunks in dependence of kind (gray, bean, white-fronted and other) weights from 2 to 6 kilogramms. After separating paws, head and wings, which almost without flesh, trunk rubbed by salt inside and outside, put in poultry roaster spinefirst, pouring by melted butter or fat, if bird is fatless; fat goose should be pouring by partially filled glass of hot water, flooding abdominal cavity by antonovka apples or chopped cabbage, sewing the cut and frying in oven 1,5-2 hours. For proportional fry and rouge of trunk, turn it around periodically. Serve with apples and cabbage, beforehand remove threads and cut the bird in pieces.
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Fried goose with creams

1 goose, 5 cloves, nutmeg, salt, ground black pepper, 100 ml of creams, 100 gramms of oil.

Rubbing the goose trunk by mix of salt, pepper, nutmeg, cloves. Put on baking tray, pour an oil, add some water and fry in oven, pouring by oil. Pour a cream before readiness.
Serve with potato and crout.
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Fried pigeons with a dressing

For 5-6 pigeons: 100 gramms salted pork fat, 200 gramms of oil, 3 glasses of bouillon, 1 table spoon of flour, lemon juice, 1/2 of Madeira glass, 1-2 pieces of truffles.

Take fried pigeons, cut them in halfs, pour out the oil and fat from the pan, where pigeons was fried, left about 2 table spoons of oil in the pan, add flour, mix, add 3 glasses of strong bouillon, boil by mixing, add the cube of dry bouillon, lemon juice, 1/2 of Madeira glass, boil, strain, put little sliced pieces of truffels for eat, pour the pigeons, cover by cover pan. Keep on light fire during 10 minutes.
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Fried hazel-grouses

For 3-4 hazel-grouses: 100 gramms of salted pork fat, 200 gramms of butter, 2 table spoons of bouillon, 2 table spoons of sour cream, dried crusts, greenery parsley.

Clear the hazel-grouses, add salt, lard by salted pork fat, fry in pan next way: pour the butter in pan. When it boil, add hazel-grouses and frying on the largest blaze without cover, do not let burnt, take it out when it rouged from all sides, cleave along in two, place on dish. Add 2 spoons of bouillon, 2 spoons of fresh sour cream or thick cream in butter, boil, pour the hazel-grouses, sprinkled dried crusts and 1/2 spoon chopped greenery parsley. Frying during 15-30 minutes. For trimming serve any salad.
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Fried wood grouse

For one wood grouse: 100 gramms of fat, 2 table spoons of oil, half glass of sour cream, dried crusts.

Take cleared wood grouse, keep it in marinade. Then, lard by fat, fry on baking tray, pouring two spoons of oil, than more frequent, than better, when juice will appeared, pouring the dish by it, at last, pour the sour cream. Poured in last time, pour by dried crusts or тертой сухой булкой. After 10 minutes, when white bread will rouged, place it on the board, slice to piece, place on the plate and pour by filtered sauce. There is no need to add sour cream, if wood grouse served in cold style.
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Roast heath cock

For one heath cock: 100 gramms of salted pork fat for larding, 3 table spoons of oil, half glass of sour cream.

Plucked and cleared heath cock (тетерку) lard by salted pork fat, add salt. Frying on spit, pouring by oil. To add some extra taste, tie by oiled paper the larded bird and frying on spit, pouring by oil, and, in the end, you may pour by sour cream. Also, you may frying on baking tray, pouring by three spoons of oil and, in the end, half glass of sour cream. Or frying in pan. Served with poured drained sauce. For garnish is good boiled potato and anything fresh or tinned salad.
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Stuffed willow grouses

For first stuffing: 200 gramms of veal, white bread, half glass of milk, 2-3 egg yolk, 2 glasses of strong bouillon, one spoon of flour, an onion, lemon, nutmeg, ground pepper, salt.
For second stuffing: печенки от куропаток, 200 gramms of pork fat, one spoon of green parsley and onion, 2-3 pieces of cleared shallot onion, crumb of white bread, which soaked in half glass of milk, 1 egg, half glass of bouillon, 2-3 table spoons of sour cream, salt.

Fry the willow grouses in pan in three spoons of oil till half readiness, then stuff them: one tea spoon of chopped onion, fry in half of spoon oil, mix with cheese, chopped veal, put there one french white bread, dipped in milk and slightly squeezed, 2-3 yolk, salt, grinded pepper, some nutmeg, half spoon of oil, pound, rub through. Boil in pan left oil, put willow grouses, stewing under the cover, before readiness, add three spoons strong bouillon, stewing a few minutes yet, then cut them, place on dish, pour by sauce, which should be diluted by 2 glasses of bouillon, add a glass of flour, boiling, rub through, place the pieces of lemon in it. Or take all for second stuff, chopping, mix, stuffing, sew and fry in 2-3 spoons of oil. Before serving pour by sauce from frying, diluted it by bouillon and 2-3 spoons of sour cream. Serve separately cowberry salad.
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Fried duck marinated

1 duck, for marinade: 2 glasses of vinegar (3%), table spoon of salt, chopped carrot, 2 onions, петрушка, 2 table spoons of red pepper, 8 bay leaves, tea spoon of cloves, cardamom. Boil the mix in vinegar and chill.
Sauce: 2 glasses of bouillon, 10 marinated mushrooms, salt, pepper.

Prepared duck trunk keep in marinade during 4-5 hours. Fatless duck should be lard by salted pork fat. Fry the duck in poultry roaster till readiness, pouring by formed fat. Before serve prepare the sauce separately. For sauce use 3 table spoons of fat from poultry roaster, flour, add bouillon, bring to boil, add marinated mushrooms, boiling and add salt, pepper. Ready duck slice to piece, pour the sauce and serve. For trimming: boil dried white mushrooms. Pour by fourmed bouillon 3 glasses of sour cabbage, beforehand pour boiling water. Chop boiled mushrooms, add salt to cabbage and и boil during 40 minutes.
Fry 2 table spoons of flour in oil, add glass of sour cream, join the mix of mushrooms and cabbage and braising 10 minutes. Serve with cabbage and mushrooms.
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Fried wild ducks

For 2-3 ducks: 100-200 gramms of salted pork fat, 2-3 table spoons of oil, marinade.

Pluck the ducks, rub by salt, place in vinegar marinade with spices for several hours, lard by salted pork fat, fry on backing tray or in pan, pouring the oil. Serve with any salad.
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