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Rabbit and Hare dishes:

Hare roast

For one hare: 100 grams of salted pork fat, 100 grams of oil, 1/2 glass of sour cream, salt, grated white bread. For sauce: 1/2 table spoon of oil, 1/2 table spoon of flour, 1 wine glass of white wine, 2 table spoons of bouillon.

Before frying well wash, clean, rub the salt (1/2 of tea spoon on 400 grams of flesh), lard 50-100 grams of salted pork fat, place the parts of flesh on baking tray части, add 2-3 spoons of water, smear 100 grams of oil from above, place in hot oven, to fried round and become rouge. After it, decrease the hot, add 1/2 glass of sour cream and begin to pour hare juice every 10 minutes. After last pour, strew grated stale white bread, wait 5-10 minutes to rouge. To get nore sauce, grate welded hare liver, put 1/2 spoon of oil, 1/2 spoon of flour, rub, boil, add glass of white wine, 2 spoons of boullion, salt, boil, add all sauce from hare, filter, pour on the plate splitted hare and serve to it blackcurrant jelly.
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Hare (rabbit) on the spit

One hare norm size 3-3,5 kg weight, 5 cloves of garlic, 200 gramms of salted pork fat, salt and pepper to taste.

Peeled of skin and internal organs hare or rabbit soak in cold water during 4-5 hours. You may add a vinegar in water in proportion 3 litres of water - 1 glass of vinegar. After steeping, dry the hare by towel. Use a sharp knife to pierce it and put there pieces of salted pork fat and garlic. After hare larding, use salt and pepper from every quarter, stretch front and back paws and tie them up by cord with trunk. Then put the hare on spit and frying during 1,5-2 hours, continuously turning the spit. After frying, chop the hare in pieces, separating back paws at first, then front paws with shoulders. Left part of trunk cleaved in two along spine, which then will be using for prepare needful portion. Hare should be served with white cabbage salad and baked potato, freshly-salted cucumbers and fresh tomato. Serve white table wine to fried hare and rabbit. Dilute the wine with sparkling water, to do not overload a stomach by extractive substances, which contains in fried meat, pickles and wine, this will be better. This is a reason of anciant Romans - big lovers of fried meat - do not use wine in substance absolutely. Overload of extractive substances summon tiredness and bad feels in stomach area.
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Jellied hare

Flesh part of hare lard by salted pork fat and champignons. Fry the meat on baking tray, slice to piece. Place it in form. Boil the bouillon separately. Cool the bouillon. Add two tea spoons of vinegar and two eggs in bouillon and fill up in form. Place in cool for jelly formation.
Use 3-4 veal legs, hare bones and 500 grams of beef for boullion.
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Hare in hunt style

Use for marinade: 5 spoons of olive oil, juice from 1/2 of lemon, salt, pepper, bay leaf, 1,5 litres of water (heat the water, do not boil).

Hare trunk put in marinade for 10-12 hours. Fry the lard in patch and place there whole hare. Trunk frying till half readiness. Then add the bouillon and two spoons of cognac in patch and place in oven till readiness.
Use buckwheat porridge like trimming.
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