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     Room temperature, where placed taxidermic product, should be from 5C till 25C. Optimal temperature 15-20C.

     Avoid straight sun rays on products, because they'll be fading and fur becomes breakable and fragile.

     Not recommend placing products in rooms with higher humidity (sauna, bathhouse etc.).

     In prophylactic goals all taxidermic products needs handling by aerosol insecticidal drugs periodicaly. Optimal, as of today, aqueous solutions agents like "Fairy", and aerosol agents based on artificial vaccine peretroids, like: "Raid", "Baygon", "Combat" etc.

     If flying insects will appear (like moth etc.), products needs to handling 2-3 times per year.

Handling order:

  1. Before procedure, carefully remove the dust from product (with fur on surface like vacuum cleaner; use dry cotton wool tampon dry for feather, from bottom of feather to top).

  2. Spray highly dispersed cloud of aerosol on product, not close then at 50 cm distance, simultaneously avoid excessive humidification of processing surface.

     If you'll follow of these recomendations, our company guarantees safety of your products during 2 years from day of purchase.

     In case revealing of hidden defects - change of external appearance (fissure, dissection, distortion, crippling of composition etc.), allowed in industrial process by company experts, reclamation and repair works performs by company. If repair work is not available, product can be changed, and if equal product not available all cash will be return.

     All claims accepting, if check and warranty are available.

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